Amidst the Dark

by Phill Kovach

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Have you ever woken up one day to find that home no longer felt like home? Like a part of you that used to be there now beckoned to you from some far off place?
Amidst the Dark tells the story of a young wanderer who feels that his home calls to him from the stars. He leaves everything he knows behind in pursuit of his real home. A cosmic storm interrupts his journey and sets him adrift on the far side of the galaxy. Floating among the stars, he finds peace and solace in the fact that he's not alone on his journey to discover the place he truly belongs.

The focus of this project is on the emotions that occur in the months following a break-up as told through an allegory about traveling through space and into the unknown. In true programmatic fashion, each track tells a different part of the story. The combination of synthesizers and organic orchestral elements helps to develop a variety of styles that will give the project a complete and intricate feel


released March 25, 2016

Score Composed & Orchestrated by: Phill Kovach

Album & Music Produced by: Phill Kovach & Matt Moore

Album Art by: Esther Malone

"Edge of Oblivion" Written by: Phill Kovach & Cameron Caruso

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by: Phill Kovach

Music Performed by Members of the Evangel University Music Department

Sound Effects on tracks 3 & 4 by: NASA

Piano: Sarah Morris

Violins: Rebecca Oord, Claire Middendorf, Allison Lawler

Vocals: Nichole Mitchell, Cameron Caruso, Addie Haines

Guitars: James Hennessy (Electric), Kayla Keirsey (Electric Bass), Cameron Caruso (Acoustic)

"Amidst the Dark" Vocoder: Phill Kovach

Synths Programmed and Sequenced by: Phill Kovach

Horns: Aaron Parrales, Samantha Retherford

Trombones: Esther Malone & Kayla Keirsey

Tuba: Desy Harmon

Timpani: Kaitlyn Kerstetter

Percussion: Phill Kovach



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Phill Kovach Springfield, Missouri

Phill Kovach is a young, aspiring film music composer specializing in hybrid instrumental pieces utilizing modern synth techniques and organic orchestral elements to tell unique and gripping stories.
To date, he has written music for 8 different film projects ranging from documentaries to superhero movies as well as an independent music project with a second set to release in early 2016.
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